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Overpriced Ford EcoSport recalled, 5,397 faulty cars sold

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Without any doubt, the Ford EcoSport is an expensive, or rather, near overpriced SUV for the space it offers. As per compact-SUV standards, it does feel like asking for way too much in the pricing department. Now, the American manufacturer has revealed that the EcoSport has now been recalled because there might be faulty parts the car is running on.

Ford claims that 4,379 units of the EcoSport compact-SUV might have poor welding integrity in the front lower control arm. If this breaks, it can cause quite some damage, or rather, can prove fatal if this leads to an accident / collision. While Ford says that this is just below their specifications, the fact that a recall is needed, proves that this could prove fatal.

Ford has also revealed that this poor weld integrity could also negatively affect the steering control. So in case this breaks, you won’t even be able to steer yourself out of this situation.

This welding issue is subject to cars manufactured in Chennai between May 2017 to June 2017.

Also, Ford has announced another recall for 1,018 EcoSport SUVs on which the driver and front passenger seat recliner has an issue.

Although brands claim that it is a voluntary recall, this is only because the authorities have made it mandatory to announce a recall and keep customers aware. Otherwise, a brand could get away by having parts replaced during service, without any kind of bad publicity.