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Over 28,000 units of Yamaha YZF-R3 recalled

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Yamaha has issued a recall on over 28,000 units of the YZF-R3 sportsbike. This model is also sold in our market, and is subject to this recall. Yamaha has announced this because of some issue with the gear shifter and the radiator pipe on this motorcycle. This is a global recall on this small capacity sportsbike, and although an official announcement is pending in India, we suggest R3 owners speak to their nearest service centre.

The problem with the gear shifter is the return spring, which can break. This will result in inconvenience while changing gears on the motorcycle. Also, the upper radiator hose has not been appropriately vulcanised by Yamaha, and hence, it might crack. This crack will then lead to fluid leak which can cause harm to the engine. So both, the gear shift assembly and the cooling system needs to be looked at soon, so prevent any further damage.

Bikes which have been built between MY2015-16 have been recalled for the gear shifter issue while the bikes built from MY2015-18 have been recalled for the radiator hose issue.

Yamaha will address this recall, and fix these faults with new replacement parts for free of cost.