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Ola reveals 4 electric motorcycles, but would you buy it?

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Recently, Ola Electric revealed the new S1X scooter. Alongside, the company also revealed four concept motorcycles. These include a cruiser, adventure bike, roadster and a sportbike.

New electric motorbikes from Ola

Ola revealed very scant details of the concept bikes. However, it was revealed that the company is planning to launch them by the end of 2024. Each of these bikes are futuristic in design and will cater to the customers of its respective segment.

Ola Diamondhead concept

The standout bike amongst the four is the futuristic sportbike. This is named as the Diamondhead by Ola. It gets a large windscreen, LED headlamp, and large handlebars. The display of the bike is covered which opens automatically when the bike is turned on.

The front end of the bike gets a unique looking swingarm. This means, Ola might think of using a hub-centred steering system. This is more complex than the conventional fork design and very few bikes have this in their production guise.

The rear wheel is powered by a belt and the front gets dual disc brakes. These hints are the bike’s performance orientation.

Ola S1X : More Details

The most affordable scooter in the Ola line-up will be based on an all-new platform. This new generation platform will however share some components with the S1 Air. Similarities between the two could include front suspension components, steel wheels and braking hardware.

Overall, the design is similar to the current Ola range of scooters. It will get a twin-pod headlamp, flat seat and a wrap around tail lamp. Keeping costs low, the scooter might get a touchscreen unit with limited functions.

Ola will position this S1X as the entry-level option in the scooter line-up. With an expected price of under INR 1,00,000, the scooter could surely increase EV adoption and target traditional ICE scooters like Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter and the likes.

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