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Ola plans to introduce removable batteries?

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Ola Electric has patented a design for a removable electric battery. This development comes on the heels of the company unveiling design patents for new electric bikes.

The current Ola S1 range, which includes the S1X, S1 Air, and the S1 Pro, all feature fixed batteries. However, the patenting of a removable battery opens up the possibility of this feature being included in future products.

The patented design reveals a cylindrical structure with a grab handle at the top, similar to other swappable batteries used in electric two-wheelers. This suggests that the upcoming swappable battery could be featured in Ola Electric’s future offerings, particularly the electric motorcycles and three-wheelers.

Swappable batteries are primarily used for commercial purposes, with a few exceptions. Hero-owned Vida is one of the few electric two-wheeler players to use swappable battery technology.

The removable battery technology could significantly reduce downtime, as it allows for a quick battery swap instead of waiting for the battery to recharge. This could be particularly beneficial for commercial applications, where minimizing downtime is crucial.

It’s worth noting that when Ola Electric acquired Etergo and its AppScooter, which forms the basis of the S1 range, the original scooter came with removable batteries. However, this technology was not included in the S1 lineup for the Indian market. With the patenting of the removable battery, it appears that the company is looking to reintroduce this feature.

Ola Electric’s future lineup includes not only electric scooters and three-wheelers but also electric cars and motorcycles. The first e-bike is expected to hit the market in 2025, followed by the electric car later in the decade.

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