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Is this the Ola electric motorcycle for India?

Written by News Team

Ola Electric had made it clear that they will be entering the electric motorcycle market soon. We saw some concepts last year and now, there are reports of a new patent been filed.

Patented Image

The patent image reveals that Ola is planning a small electric commuter motorcycle. It gets conventional front forks for suspension duties and twin shocks at the rear. The rear wheel seems to mounted on a box-section swingarm. The wheels are seemingly 17-inches and the front tyre appears quite skinny.

Considering the patented image, it looks like the upcoming bike is based on the Ola Roadster concept that was showcased last year. However, this seems like a much smaller version of the concept motorcycle.


Ola Roadster

Battery and Range

Ola is expected to use a new battery and motor configuration for this motorcycle. The battery and motor will be housed at the center of the bike similar to traditional ICE motorcycles. The rear wheel will be driven by a chain or belt drive.

Since this is a commuter motorcycle, we can expect the range to be between 100-150 km. The battery pack is expected to be smaller to keep the weight in check. The motor too is expected to be similarly tuned as the Ola S1 pro. The motorcycle is expected to get a top speed of 100 kmph.

Launch Timeline

There is still a long way for the motorcycle to go into testing, homologation and production. However, given Ola’s track record, we could expect some more information or initial reveal of the motorcycle on 15 August this year. In any case, the bike will go on sale early next year. Once launched, it will go up against the Revolt RV400 and the Tork Kratos R. There might also be several variants offered like we have for the Ola S1 series.

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