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Okinawa plans to extend dealership network to 500 from its current 350+

Written by Nizam Shaikh

While COVID-19 has slowed down the already slumped automobile industry, Gurugram-headquartered electric mobility company Okinawa has announced the brand’s “aggressive” dealership extension plans. The brand currently has a dealer network of 350+ dealers and Okinawa’s target is to reach up to 500 dealers and apart from its primary dealer network the brand also plans to expand the sub-dealer network for a wider track. 

In the recent past, the brand also hiked the dealer margins from 8% to 11% per sale to relieve its dealers to survive the cost crunch created amidst COVID-19 outbreak. The increased dealer margin will help Okinawa dealers to make more profit in the difficult time of economic slowdown. Okinawa is also accelerating marketing activities to strengthen its dealership network. 

In view of safety from the COVID-19 pandemic and adhering to new resumption guidelines from the relevant authorities, Okinawa has been operating its dealership network with limited staff as per the company’s new standard operating procedures. Even though only 30% of the dealership strength were operational the brand has managed to deliver more than 1,000 electric scooters within a month post lockdown relaxations, abiding by the Govt. rules.

The demand for electric scooters is on a rise as more and more people realise one of the ways to avoid being infected by the novel coronavirus is by maintaining social distancing. Using an e-scooter not only enables automatic social distancing as compared to cars and public transport but it also helps save the environment by reducing the personal carbon footprint through emission-free travel.  

The aggressive expansion plans of the company are followed by the rising demand for clean, green and affordable electric vehicles. Okinawa has taken the entire application process online if one wishes to associate with the brand. The company has also adopted new digital marketing procedures to spread the word among the dealers to become a part of electric mobility. Okinawa has also announced that it is following strict operating procedures and is committed towards the safety, health and well-being of its stakeholders.