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Okinawa Eco App converts iPraise & Ridge into connected electric scooters

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Indian electric mobility solutions company, Okinawa has launched a new mobile application called Eco App for the new ‘intelligent scooter’ models in the iPraise and Ridge electric scooter range. As of now, the brand has rolled out the mobile application for the iPraise+ and the Ridge+ and the app is available for download on both Android and Apple iOS platforms. With the new Eco App, Okinawa has entered the connected vehicles league, providing a seamless tech-enabled experience to the users.

The new Eco App not only provides security features to the user but also comes with a number of convenience features such as Google maps integration that allows the user to see the location of the e-scooter on road via the satellite navigation tool. Furthermore, the user can also guide themself to the e-scooter via the Find My Scooter function. The Eco App also ensures complete safety and security of the vehicle. The user can use the Eco App to immobilise the e-scooter in case of theft with a simple click of a button. The Eco App also comes with Secure Park function that helps the owner track any unauthorised movement of their e-scooter when it is parked. In a distress situation, the app is also equipped with an ‘SOS Messaging’ feature that when activated, instantly sends a message with the time and location to the emergency contacts of the user. 

In addition, the Eco App can also be used to monitor the condition of the vehicle and the user can also setup speeding, towing, curfew or battery low alerts using the Eco App. The user can also check the status of the vehicle using the Eco App. The user can also ‘Geofence’ the e-scooter when sharing the vehicle and if the user wants to set a limit. The app automatically alerts the user when the vehicle enters or leaves the geofence area. The Eco App also tracks the driving pattern of the user like speeding, hard braking, harsh acceleration and turns events and generates a Driver Score, which can be improved by driving the e-scooter in a safe manner.