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NIJ launches QV60, Accelero & Flion electric scooters in India

Agra-based electric mobility solutions company, NIJ Automotives launches three electric scooters in the Indian market. The brand has introduced the QV60, Accelero and Flion electric scooters with the aim to lower the pollution levels rising within metro cities in India and is in-line with the Government of India’s policies towards the adoption of electric vehicles in the Indian market. The electric scooters not only battle the rising pollution levels but also provide citizens with an eco-friendly and affordable solution for travel, as fuel costs hover around the INR 100/litre mark.


The QV60 electric scooter comes with a contemporary design that features a rectangular LED headlamp on the front apron, digital instruments cluster, tubeless tyres, keyless entry and functions such as find my scooter, an alarm system and an anti-theft locking mechanism. The scooter comes with a lightweight body and powering the e-scooter is a high-torque BLDC electric motor that draws power from a 60V VRLA battery pack. The battery takes 6 hours to recharge. The QV60 also features a telescopic suspension on the front, an adjustable rear suspension and a reverse gear to aid parking. The QV60 is priced at INR 51,999 ex-showroom.

NIJ Accelero

The NIJ Accelero comes with a modern two-wheeler design with a generous footboard, a backrest for the pillion, digital speedometer cluster, central locking function, find my scooter, anti-theft locks, remote access, USB charging socket and more. Powering the Accelero is a BLDC High torque motor with a 60V 3A battery pack that takes 8 to 10 hours to recharge. The e-scooter also gets a BLDC Vector Sine Wave controller telescopic front suspension, hydraulic rear suspension with twin springs, 10-inch alloy wheels with tubeless tyres, disc brake on the front, three riding modes and 100 km of claimed range per charge. The Accelero comes with a price tag of INR 45,000 ex-showroom.


The NIJ Flion is a neo-retro e-scooter and comes with a curvaceous body design, LED lighting, GPS enabled digital instruments cluster with IoT technology, push-button start, riding modes, reverse assist, anti-theft alarm, etc. Powering the Flion is a high-torque BLDC electric motor that draws power from a 60V 3A battery pack which takes 8 to 10 hours to recharge. The e-scooter also comes with 10-inch alloy wheels shod in tubeless tyres, telescopic front suspension, adjustable rear suspension, disc brake on the front etc. The Flion is priced at INR 47,000 ex-showroom.


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