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MV Agusta will launch a new motorcycle named Alpine

Written by Nizam Shaikh

MV Agusta has teased us with a partial image of a new motorcycle that could be launched in the coming weeks. The teaser image shows part of the bodywork finished in Blue and Grey along with an ‘S4’ badge. The intention if the brand is not clear yet but another the teaser also has ‘Alpine’ printed on it which leads us to believe that the Italian brand could have joined forces with Automobile Alpine, judging by the font of the logo. 

Speculations are that the two brands are planning to introduce a full-size adventure tourer called ‘Alpine’. Well, this could be an apt name suggesting the Alpine mountain range that lies between the two nations could be a good name for and adventure machine. The ‘S4’ badge also leads us to believe that a four-cylinder machine is in order. The way the ‘S’ in the moniker is configured also leads us to believe that some form of electrification on the new machine is possible. Alpine-Renault’s experience in the E-TECH power units for the Formula1 could also be employed. 

But before our hypothesis veers off too far away, in the recent past, MV Agusta had revealed that it is channelling more efforts to the development of electric propulsion. But the EV technology is still 2-3 year away. But the same report also suggests that a litre-class Adventure motorcycle is expected to arrive by the end of 2020, and the Alpine could be it, we don’t know for sure. 

MV Agusta could have also partnered with Alpine to create a bespoke special edition model similar to the MV Agusta F4Z Zagato. And looking at Alpine’s rich history in motorsport a supersport model could be commissioned. But we will only know what’s under the veil, in the near future. 

Recently, the French brand also announced that the Renault Formula 1 Team will be re-branded to become the ‘Alpine F1 Team’ and will race under a new name and livery, replacing the Renault colours with French national colours of red, white and blue.