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Michelin India launches bus types with life up to 3 lakh km

Written by Nayak

Michelin introduces a new series of tyres specifically aimed at highway bus operations. Named Michelin 295/ 80R22.5 X Multi Z2, this set of tyres are ‘Made In India’. The company claims that these tyres will provide the best in the segment features and mileage. Using these new Michelin 295/ 80R22.5 X Multi Z2 tyres, fleet operators can improve their business’s total cost of ownership. Michelin claims to use its latest patent technology to develop this product, thus delivering class-leading safety and longevity.

Key Features Of Michelin 295/ 80R22.5 X Multi Z2


Michelin claims that this new tyre gets a self-regenerating tread design that reduces the wear rate, thus improving the tread life up to 30 per cent. The reinforced ensures flat contact with tyres which helps in reducing uneven wear. The use of reinforced beads with Duracoil technology improves the bead endurance significantly for multiple retreadability.

Safety Aspect

The self-regenerating tread also improves vehicle control in all driving conditions. The reinforced tread also prevents the risk of sudden pressure loss, which aids in vehicle stability. To ensure less tyre damage, in the long run, Michelin has strengthened bead endurance as well.


To ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, the self-regenerating tread design improves overall mobility. The Infinicoil technology helps in enhancing the range when punctured.

Other Key Features

Michelin 295/ 80R22.5 X Multi Z2 also gets a 3PMSF symbol, a certification of better grip performance in all weather conditions. Michelin has used four patented technologies this year. These are Regenion, Infinicoil, Powercoil and Duracoil. Regenion is the tyre’s self-regenerating tread that helps in improving the overall grip in all conditions. Infinicoil is a continuous steel wire wrapped around the tyre that provides rigidity and optimal rolling resistance. Powercoil is a new generation of steel cables that helps in improving the longevity of tyres. Duracoil is the new bead design that uses high-resistance nylon, which enhances the lower part of the tyre’s sidewall.

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