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MG sold 1,016 cars in May 2021 on account of lockdown

Written by Nizam Shaikh

MG Motors has announced that the brand registered sales of 1,016 units of vehicles in May 2021. The sales remain impacted due to non-production days, COVID-19 induced lockdown, and the shortage of semiconductor chips in the global market. 

Community Service over Commerce in May 2021

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country hard, and another lockdown was implemented in most parts of the country. This has severely impacted almost all markets as they remain closed. The company also actively engaged in community service, choosing it over commerce, during these trying times. 

Ramping Up Oxygen Supply

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, MG also shut production, diverting industrial oxygen for medical use. The brand also joined hands with Devnandan Gases Pvt. Ltd. in Gujarat. Together the brand’s facilitated an increase in oxygen production by 31% at the latter’s plant in Vadodara. The brand also announced that it plans to ramp up oxygen production by 50% in the coming months. 

Hector Ambulance and MG Beds

MG Motor India also provided several MG’s Hector Ambulances to serve doctors and medical staff during the pandemic. The brand also offered 200 sustainable beds for COVID-19 patients. This shows the brand commitment towards the Indian market and how community service takes precedence over the business at MG Motor India during May 2021. 

MG Sales Projection in June 

The brand expects to slowly but steadily bring the sales back on top charts in the coming months. The brand reveals that according to the booking trend, the brand is likely to see an uptrend in June 2021. But, the continuation of the lockdown in some states indicates that part shortage will continue to hamper overall production in June 2021. 

In Other News,

MG Motor India has partnered with Attero, a clean technology provider that conducts end-of-use management in the Indian market. The company will reuse and recycle the Lithium-Ion batteries of Electric Vehicles in India after their end-of-life. This will help the brand responsibly recycle lithium-ion batteries of the popular MG ZS EV. This will ensure minimising of e-waste in the country. 

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