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MG removes features from Hector & Hector Plus

Written by Nizam Shaikh

The global shortage of parts, especially semiconductor chips, is leading companies to delete feature options from their vehicles. The strategy is to remove non-essential features at least temporarily, allowing the company to avoid delays in deliveries. This will also help reduce the impact on overall sales and reduce the inconvenience caused to the customer. One such company that may be trying to use this strategy is MG Motor India. The Chinese-owned British brand is also facing problems due to the shortage of semiconductor chips. Therefore, MG could be planning to delete a few non-essential features from the Hector and Hector Plus in the Indian market. 

MG Hector and Hector Plus – Features Removed

According to sources, the Hector and Hector Plus will now come without Sub-woofer, Amplifier and Auto Tailgate Swipe Sensor. In the Hector and Hector Plus, 6-seater with Smart and Sharp trims, the Sub-woofer and Amplifier feature will be available. Also, on the Hector Plus, 7-seater Smart and Select variants, the brand will be offering Sub-woofer and Amplifier. In the Sharp trim of the Hector Plus 6-seater, the brand will be offering the Auto Tailgate Swipe Sensor. However, the Hector and Hector Plus 7-seater may not get this option. Reports also suggest that the situation is temporary and MG with add the parts back to the cars when stock is available. 

Parts Shortage

The parts shortage in the auto industry is a global phenomenon that began during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the recent past, companies such as Ford, Toyota, and Volkswagen had to temporarily cease production operations worldwide due to a shortage of semiconductor chips. The demand for semiconductors in the auto industry has risen over the years as new vehicles come with the latest-generation telematics and connected features.

During the pandemic, higher demand from the consumer electronics market also led to the shortage of semiconductor chips. Russia is the leading supplier of Palladium, used in catalytic converters and electronic components. Ukraine is a major producer and exporter of Neon gas used in semiconductor manufacturing. The recent Russian-Ukraine conflict has now accelerated the parts shortage issue further.

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