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MG Motor India will recycle ZS EV batteries

Written by Parichay Malvankar

If there is one thing that traditional car manufacturers in India have to learn from Morris Garages, it is marketing and strategy even before launching the product. MG Motor India already has the Hector which is performing rather good as their debut car, and now the brand is all set to launch the ZS EV. Owned by Chinese group SAIC, the MG brand has entered India in 2019 and will launch their 2nd product which will be a full-electric SUV. The eZS or the ZS EV as it will be called in India will be a direct rival to the likes of Hyundai Kona, but pricing is expected to be significantly lower.

Now, MG Motor India have announced that they will be recycling the old batteries of the ZS EV when they come to end-of-life. While the world is moving towards EVs, the disposal of batteries is also a concern which is on the rise. It is commendable that Morrs Garages is considering all of this even before the launch of the ZS EV in India. The brand has announced an association with Umicore who will help in this recycling of batteries in a safe and sustainable manner.

Umicore is a company which has solutions for recycling Lithium-Ion batteries and have the know how for better battery life cycle management. They already have proved their operational, supply security and speed of response in other markets, in disposing electric car batteries. With this, MG Motor India along with Umicore will offer a proper EV ecosystem in India, and not just another brand trying to only set up fast-charging stations. The EV industry in India is still at a nascent stage, but more and more brands are now introducing battery operated vehicles.

MG Motor India, or Morris Garages as you might like to call them have already announced another partnership with Exicom Tele-Systems through which they will allow for non-automotive use of the battery packs of the ZS EV once they are replaced by the owner.

So the #ChangeWhatYouCan by MG Motor India is more than just a topic to trend, but there is some real ground work going on as well.