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Mercedes-Benz introduces ‘Marketplace’ platform for pre-owned car business

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Mercedes-Benz India has announced that the brand is launching a new ‘Marketplace’ platform for the direct customer to customer sales. The innovative platform provides both buyers and sellers benefits such as price guarantee and ease of transaction. The brand also boasts advantages such as an enhanced inventory of certified vehicles available online. In addition to this, the brand also boasts a hassle-free experience on the Marketplace and complete transparency for the customer during the entire process. 

Marketplace with a Customer-Centric Approach

The Mercedes-Benz Marketplace boasts of being a customer-centric initiative. According to the brand, the Marketplace will make selling the car as enjoyable as buying one. The Mercedes-Benz Marketplace is an exemplary place for sellers who ask for the best value for their existing vehicles. It is also suitable for buyers looking out for an upgrade to a Mercedes-Benz. The Marketplace is a hassle-free platform that ensures transparency and offers the best price to the seller. 

Marketplace Gives More Options to New Buyers

The Mercedes-Benz Marketplace gives the buyers options a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz that has been certified and also assures the best value. The buyer also gets a wide variety of genuine cars to choose from with the best price and transparent deals. This makes Mercedes-Benz the first luxury car manufacturer provide such a unique solution. Through the Marketplace platform, Mercedes-Benz takes care of both the existing owners and the potential buyers. 

Benefits to Franchise Partners and Mercedes-Benz

Through Marketplace, the Mercedes-Benz franchise owners get the opportunity of growth for both new car and pre-owned car business. New possibilities of catering to both the seller and buyer were previously unavailable in the unorganised market. The company also benefits in terms of customer loyalty by offering the best possible price. The brand can also create a more extensive inventory and the opportunity to scale up new and pre-owned businesses. Currently, the online penetration for used cars is at 20%, and with Marketplace, the penetration is estimated to further increase to 30%. The Marketplace works in a very simple “Sell your Car” or “Trade-in” module. 

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