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Meet the Renault Rafale coupe-SUV

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Renault has unveiled the Rafale coupe-SUV in Europe. The car comes with a hybrid powertrain and shares the platform with the Austral and the Espace.

Renault Rafale : More Details

The Rafale is based on the CMF-D platform. In terms of dimensions, the new flagship SUV will measure 4.7m long, 1.61m tall and will have a wheelbase of 2.74m. In terms of design, the Rafale comes with a prominent front grille, a tapering fastback-style roof and flared body panels, especially the front and rear quarter panels. All this is to ensure two things – good aerodynamics for the car and a large interior space for the occupants.

According to the French carmaker, the Rafale is a vehicle born and bred for driving pleasure.

Powertrain of the Renault Rafale

The Renault Rafale will be powered by a new clutchless hybrid powertrain. This consists of a 1.2-litre 3-cylinder petrol motor along with dual electric motors. The engine runs on Atkinson Cycle and develops 127 HP. This is paired with a 4-speed automatic that powers the front wheels.

One of the electric motors is located between the engine and the gearbox. This 66 HP unit drives the front wheels using a two-speed gearbox. The other electric motor is an integrated starter-generator unit. This motor helps by assisting the car during acceleration as well as while braking.

Uniquely, the car always starts in electric mode, hence there is no need for a clutch. The powertrain is electronically controlled and develops 194 HP combined.

All-wheel-drive Renault Rafale

After the launch of the front wheel drive Rafale, Renault plans to bring in an all-wheel-drive variant as well. This version will come with a rear axle motor with a differential. The Rafale AWD will also get a larger battery and will be a plug-in hybrid vehicle. This could have an electric-only range of 48-64 km.

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