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Maruti Suzuki Nexa crosses 2 million sales milestone

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Maruti Suzuki hits big. It has now more than 2 million Nexa cars plying on Indian roads, as confirmed by the manufacturer recently. As part of the Nexa line-up, Maruti Suzuki currently retails the Ciaz, XL6, Baleno, Ignis, and Grand Vitara. The brand also announced its plans to bring in Jimny and Fronx. Thus these are the upcoming two new additions to this premium line-up.

What Is The Nexa Brand?

Nexa as a brand was brought forward in the year 2015. The core philosophy was to provide the customers with a unique experience. Alongside this, they also aimed to bring in the best of technology, design, and features for customers’ delight. The success of Nexa reaching the 2 million sales milestone reflects upon the carmaker’s acceptance amongst Indian customers.

Nexa Concept Is Massive Success For Maruti Suzuki

As it stands, Nexa has contributed to more than 20 per cent of total Maruti Suzuki sales. All of this, in such a small period of time. Now with the recent unveiling of the two new SUVs – Jimny and Fronx, the Nexa portfolio has gotten diverse with more options to choose from. than ever. In fact, both have already garnered combined booking numbers of over 38,000.

To bolster the sales of Nexa models, Maruti Suzuki has come up with various innovative solutions. The key “Three Pillars” concept was brought in to provide unique and innovative Nexa experiences. These three key pillars are Nexa Music, Nexa Lifestyle, and Nexa Journeys.

Digital Tech Is The New Future

Maruti Suzuki has also digitised its car buying experience. Given the current trend of going digital, the youth is more inclined towards getting everything done with the use of tech. And hence, they expect the same with cars of today’s time as well. In other areas as well, Nexa has come up with various solutions. This includes end-to-end car financing solutions through Smart Finance, industry-first Augmented Reality car showcase technology, and Nexa showrooms in the virtual world through NEXAVerse.

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