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Maruti Suzuki introduces S-Assist AI-based virtual car assistant for NEXA

Written by Akhil Dalvi

To enhance customer convenience by offering end-to-end solutions, Maruti Suzuki India Limited launched an industry-first AI-based, 24×7 virtual car assistant app called “S-Assist”. Aimed at NEXA customers, the scan and voice-enabled virtual car assistant provides an immersive online after-sales experience. “S-Assist”, created by Delhi-based start-up ‘Xane.AI’, is one of 13 projects being pursued by Maruti Suzuki. To foster innovation via collaboration with start-ups, Maruti Suzuki launched an innovation program, “MAIL (Mobility and Automobile Innovation Lab)”, in January 2019.

S-Assist: Perks and Features 

The app, available on any smartphone, offers multimedia content like DIY (Do-It-Yourself) videos, digital literature, and workshop assistance. Along with providing warning signs information, the app grants easy and quick navigation to the digital copy of the vehicle owner’s manual. The ‘Picture search’ feature allows an owner to upload an image of any vehicle part for a quick explanation.

“S-Assist” provides access to over 4,120 workshops across India, encouraging customers to call and navigate to the nearest Maruti Suzuki workshop in case of emergencies. Maruti Suzuki NEXA customers can access “S-Assist” via the “Maruti Suzuki Rewards” app, available on iOS and Android devices. Maruti Suzuki NEXA customers can avail of the app for free to ensure real-time information for any vehicle-related queries.

Other News 

Maruti Suzuki is celebrating its three decades of leadership in offering the country’s most fuel-efficient cars. The brand initiated the ‘Kam Se Kaam Banega’ campaign to extend the ‘People Technology’ campaign. This new campaign takes forward the ‘fuel efficiency’ story as it’s an important factor due to skyrocketing fuel prices. Maximum fuel efficiency is what the Indian customers expect, with no compromise on performance and safety. The brand also boasts of offering the country’s most fuel-efficient cars across all segments, courtesy of the ‘Kam Se Kaam Banega’ campaign. The brand also revealed its close working partnership with ‘Suzuki Motor Corporation’ in Japan to promote environmentally friendly products.

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