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Mahindra Thar EV concept to be revealed overseas on Indian Independence Day

Written by Kanad Kalasur

As reported earlier, Mahindra is planning a Global event on 15 August 2023 in South Africa. Amongst others, it is now reported that the Indian carmaker is looking to showcase a Thar EV concept. This will have an all-electric drivetrain. Mahindra will also showcase its Scorpio N based pickup truck along with a new tractor platform.

Thar EV Concept : More Details

As we all know, the Thar is synonymous with go anywhere ability. Hence, the EV Concept will also offer all-wheel drive. However, it is expected to have a quad motor setup. Reports also indicate that it might have crab steer or crab walk ability. This means that all the wheels, not just the front ones, can turn in the same direction to move the car sideways – especially in tight spots or even turn 360-degrees on the spot.

What is the Thar EV Concepts Platform?

Mahindra is being tight-lipped about more details of the car. While the regular Thar comes with a ladder-frame chassis, the EV version could make use of an all-new platform for all we know.

Furthermore, the Thar EV concept is likely to be based on a ladder-frame chassis as building a dedicated monocoque chassis for a hardcore off-roader seems a lengthy and time consuming process.

With electrification the way forward, Mahindra might be keen to start with a low volume niche product before moving on to other electric segments. Currently, the carmaker already has the XUV400 EV on sale.

For an off-roader, the EV powertrain can offer instant torque along with better gradability as compared to conventional ICE powertrain. That said, there is a drawback as well. The ladder-frame chassis is already heavy and additional battery weight will make the Thar EV concept pretty heavy on the scales.

Mahindra Thar EV launch possible?

While Mahindra is just showcasing a concept, we should not be too early to dismiss it. Carmakers are known to gauge the responses of customers on concepts and then bring it to fruition later.

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