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Mahindra reveals new Cruzio bus

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Mahindra Truck and Bus Division (MTBD) has revealed a new range of buses based on the ICV platform. Here, ICV stands for Intermediate Commercial Vehicles. Mahindra claims that this new bus will target the employee transport segment, and that this segment is gaining popularity in the market.

Mahindra states that the new Cruzio bus range is BSVI emission norms ready and will be a safe, ergonomic, comfortable bus for the fleet operators as well as users. Mahindra reveals that a school and stage bus variant will be launched to increase the Cruzio portfolio.

The Mahindra Cruzio bus has met the roll over test norms which have been set as per the AIS 031. And the bus body code as also been cleared as per AIS 052. The bus also gets safety compliance as per AIS 153 which has a focus on nose and vibration standards in this segment. Mahindra claims that the Cruzio has better visibility in both day and night driving conditions and has bigger brakes for a safer halt.

The Cruzio has the highest ground clearance in the segment, and this is expected to avoid damage to the bumpers. The Cruzio comes with best-in-class wide seats with contours for better comfort and back support for passengers. The bus has a parabolic suspension and a broad gangway which will enhance comfort.

The Cruzio engine is equipped with FuelSmart technology which is a Mahindra patent. With multiple fuel / driving modes, the Cruzio will be fuel efficient for better profitability. It also gets Intelligent Driver Information System (DIS) with all the data shown on the instrument cluster.