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Mahindra planning to launch hybrid SUVs in India?

Mahindra could be planning to explore hybrid technology for their future products. According to a media report, the brand has revealed that it plans to start developing hybrid models given there is sufficient demand for hybrid vehicles. Reports reveal that the company could be looking at the technology closely, however, its focus still remains on electric vehicles.

Mahindra Hybrid Vehicle Plans

Furthermore, the company is likely to be in the view of hybrid technology as an extension of ICE vehicles. However, the brand is not likely to divert from its current focus which is EVs. Also, if there is a demand lucrative enough for hybrid vehicles the company will be ready for it. Over the next three years, Mahindra will be investing INR 12,000 Crore into its EV business. Furthermore, reports reveal that the company plans to launch 16 new SUV in India by 2030. Out of the 16 new SUV 7 vehicles will be fully-electric.

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Recently the brand launched the XUV 3XO, which is the heavily updated XUV300. The car comes with two petrol options and one diesel powertrain. However there are no plans to launch a XUV 3XO based electric car. But the brand plans to introduce its range of born electric Mahindra cars soon in India. This is also likely to include the Mahindra XUV700 EV. The brand has already showcased XUV.e8, XUV.e9, BE.05, BE.07 and BE.RALL-E. SUVs based on these cars are likely to be Mahindra’s full-electric SUV. The brand is also currently road testing the full electric XUV700 EV in different parts of India.

However, the launch timeline is still scarce. But it is being reported that Mahindra plans to ramp up production to meet the customer demand. Will this include the upcoming electric SUVs we don’t know yet. But the Thar Armada which is likely to be the 5-door Thar is likely to be launched soon.

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