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Mahindra launches 6 new tractors from Yuvo Tech+ series

Written by Nayak

Mahindra has announced the launch of 6 new tractor models from the Yuvo Tech+ series. This series has been designed and developed in-house at Mahindra’s Research Valley (MRV) in Chennai. All these tractors get Mahindra’s new m-ZIP 3-cylinder and ELS 4-cylinder engine. The engine delivers best-in-class power, torque and mileage. All these models range from 37 to 50 HP power band. The models launched under this are – 275 Yuvo Tech+, 405 Yuvo Tech+ and 415 Yuvo Tech+ with the 3-cylinder m-ZIP engine. Meanwhile, the 475 Yuvo Tech+, 575 Yuvo Tech+ and 585 Yuvo Tech+ get the 4 Cylinder ELS engine.

Key Features On Offer

To add to the convenience, Mahindra has also equipped the tractors with a host of key features. This includes 4-wheel drive, SLIPTO, Auxiliary Valve, Dual Clutch, and 2-speed PTO. All these features make the tractor suitable for more than 30 agricultural applications. Yuvo Tech+ range comes with 12F (forward) + 3R (reverse) transmission technology. It also gets a Dual Clutch and 4WD, with a 3-speed option (H-M-L). This helps deliver optimal performance based on different soil types and agricultural applications. The equipped high precision control valves ensure best-in-class lift capacity of 1,700 kg. Mahindra says that the new range can handle heavy implements with ease and precision. The use of the SLIPTO feature enables easy operations for implements like balers.

Mahindra also offers a standard warranty of 6 years. Furthermore, Mahindra also ensures a better service interval of 400 hours. Hence fewer visits to the service centre. The 4WD drivetrain system provides more power to all four tires. Thus, it also allows the driver to tackle any terrain with ease. Yuvo’s range of tractors also benefits from parallel engine cooling, ensuring stall-free long working hours. With the side shift gear, Yuvo tractors get car-like comfort. The use of dual-acting balanced power steering aids in driving comfort.

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