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Mahindra ‘EDel’ electric last mile delivery service launched in India

Written by Nayak

Mahindra Logistics Limited (MML) has announced the launch of its cargo delivery service named ‘EDel’. This facility is aimed towards providing the last-mile delivery services and will be first launched in 6 major cities namely; Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Mahindra Logistics Limited confirmed that this delivery service will be expanded to a total of 14 cities over the next 12 months.

Electric vehicles are the future of the automotive industry and with that, there is an influx of electric vehicles plying on the Indian roads especially in the commercial segment. The EDel’s services are also based on EVs which are proofing to be a tough competition in terms of cost as compared to their counterpart conventional internal combustion engine-powered vehicles. EDel will provide all sorts of logistics solution including package and trip based services. Various sectors like E-commerce, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Durables and Electronics industries who have a high volume of packages and logistics demand, EDel will help enhance their reach and improve their quality of service via their scalable, sustainable and cost-efficient delivery solutions.

Initially, EDel has planned to add only 3-wheelers to its fleet in collaboration with MLL and its supply partners. It is also expected that MLL will set up its own network of charging stations coupled with other connected technology which will help deliver the best customer experience along with proper fleet management and battery utilization. Phase 1 will see EDel add around 1000 vehicles to its fleet of which primarily only 3 wheelers will be used, which will be the Treo Zor EV by Mahindra Electric. For the future, MLL will look into adding more vehicles to its fleet to expand its network and soon we can expect to see 4-wheelers in their fleet as well.

With the growth of e-commerce, the logistic sector has turned into a very profitable sector and hence we are witnessing a lot of innovations in this sector. The sector is expected to grow even bigger and as a result lot of companies are coming up with their own ideas to dominate this market.