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Mahindra announces Automobili Pininfarina, high-performance luxury EV brand

Written by Parichay Malvankar
Mahindra surely is considering going all-electric in the future. While they have not said so, their initiatives are surely hinting at a sustainable future. Mahindra just announced a new high-performance luxury electric vehicle brand Automobili Pininfarina. This brand will manufacture top-spec luxury electric sportscars with high performance and latest technology.
The first model from Automobili Pininfarina is going to be an electric hypercar. While every detail about this is not known, Mahindra or rather, Automobili Pininfarina have revealed that this hypercar will accelerate from 0-300 kmph in just 12 seconds. 0-100 kmph would come in under 2 seconds. Expect the real deal to be seen sometime in 2020 or beyond. If we have to speak about power, expect close to 1,300 – 1,500 HP of power from the electric motors. Level 3 autonomous driving technology will also be in place in this car.
This electric hypercar will cost under 2 million Euros, read ~ INR 16 crore. Also, it will be a limited 100 unit product. The brand will always focus on top end products, and will also venture in creating a collectors item.
Another good news about this hypercar is that it will have its modular underpinnings jointly developed with electric supercar brand Rimac. Automobili Lamborghini will have a hypercar as well as an SUV in their portfolio.