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Kia India records highest-ever domestic sales, sold 22,622 cars in March 2022

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Kia India has announced its sales report for March 2022. The carmaker sold a total of 22,622 units for the given period. In terms of year-over-year growth, Kia’s figure stands at 18.44 per cent. Seltos continues to propel Kia India’s sales figure and added 8,415 units for March 2022. The newly launched Carens is now picking up pace and sold a total of 7,008 units. Sonet and Carnival continue to add substantial sales volume. Both the cars added 6,871 units and 328 units, respectively.

Kia has kept its sales volume strong and remains on the list of 5 best-selling car brands in India. The total market share of the carmaker is 7 per cent. In the quarterly sales, Kia sold a total of 60,062 units, which is also its best-ever quarterly performance. For FY 21-22, Kia India has sold a total of 1,86,787 units. This figure has come up despite the disruption in the global supply chain. The year-over-year growth figure stood at 20 per cent, which Kia mentioned is much higher than the industry average. Seltos and Sonet contributed about 51 per cent and 40 per cent to Kia India’s FY22 domestic sales.

Kia India Riding On Caren’s Success

The recently launched Carens is turning out to be a top choice amongst the customers. Kia has hit it out of the park with cars, both in terms of pricing and offering an overall package. Kia positions the Carens as neither an SUV nor an MPV, but a Recreational Vehicle, as Kia likes to call it. In terms of features, the car is loaded as per the 2022 standard. The demand for three-row vehicles SUVs is on the rise in India. And Caren’s competitive pricing is definitely helping Kia in a price-sensitive market like India.

Moreover, Carens also gets multiple powertrains and trims options. This aids in expanding its target audience, thus amplifying the sales. With Carens in its portfolio, Kia will expect the sales trajectory to reach new highs in the coming months.

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