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Kia has 50,000+ Connected Cars on Indian roads

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Kia Motors India has announced that the brand has become the leader n Connected Cars as it has achieved sales of more than 50,000 activated connected cars on the road which includes the much-popular Kia Seltos SUV and the Kia Carnival MPV. Kia has achieved this milestone within eleven months of its first product launch that is the Kia Seltos in the Indian market. 

The brand’s best-seller, the Kia Seltos debuted with the UVO Connect technology which is an advanced connected car solution that seamlessly integrates the user’s smartphone and the car’s infotainment system into a single unit to provide a secure and convenient experience with over 50 plus category-first features. 

The in-built connected car system features UVO – Voice Assist wake up Command “Hello Kia” which wakes up the UVO Connect system with a simple voice command. At the time of its launch, the UVO Connect car system came with 37 connected features which have now been upgraded to 50+ systems including nine new voice commands – Calling, Weather Information, Time and Date, Indian Holiday Information, Cricket Score, Media Control, Navigation Control and Climate Control. The brand has also added the UVO Smart Watch App Connectivity that offers the convenience of using connected features with a Smart Watch, that comes with Android, iOS or Tizen operating systems.

Additionally, the UVO Connected system also features Stolen Vehicle Notification which is quite self-explanatory but also allows Kia customers to remotely immobilise their stolen vehicle with the help of Kia’s dedicated call centre. The system also has Auto Collision Notification which sends out a crash notification to family/friends of customers whose car has experienced a crash. The technology can prove life-saving as help or rescue can be initiated without any delay.The system also comes with Remote Smart Pure Air feature that monitor’s the cars Air Quality Index (AQI) inside the cabin which can be viewed on the smartphone and stale air can be vented before commencing the journey. 

Kia Motor India has also introduced a unique insurance policy for Kia customers which is India’s first Connected Car Insurance specifically designed for Kia Cars equipped with revolutionary in-built connected car technology and ‘UVO’ infotainment system. 

Apart from the two popular cars the Kia Seltos SUV and the Kia Carnival MPV, Kia Motors India will be introducing the brand’s third product with UVO Connected technology, the Kia Sonet soon in the India market.