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Joy e-bike brand sold 3,860 units in December 2021

Written by Nayak

WardWizard, under the brand name of Joy e-bike, has released its sales report for December 2021. The two-wheeler EV maker has sold a total of 3,860 units for the given period. When compared to the December 2020 figure that stood at 595 units, the YoY translates to 548 per cent. The trend is the same for quarterly results as well. The company has already sold over 17,000 units of electric scooters and motorcycles for the first three quarters of this financial year. And when compared to the same period last year, the growth figure stands at 570 per cent.

Key Highlights Of CY 2021

With the growing demand for electric vehicles, Joy e-bikes added a new automatic assembly line. Moreover, this will also help in expanding the annual capacity of its manufacturing plant located in Vadodara from the current 1 lakh units to 2 lakh units. The company also inked an MoU with Gujarat Government worth 500 Cr. Under this Joy, E-Bike will help in the research and development of electric vehicles in Gujarat. Expanding its business to new areas, Joy E-bike inaugurated its first-ever showroom in Assam. And thus, customers residing in the nearby areas can visit the two new exclusive dealerships set up in Guwahati.

Further strengthening its presence in its home state, Joy E-bike added 20 new dealerships in Gujarat. In addition to this, Joy E-Bike also Inaugurated an Exclusive Company-owned experience centre in Pune, Maharashtra. And there are plans to add three more such exclusive experience centres in Maharashtra soon. Keeping up with the trend, the EV maker launched its cloud-based mobile application. Named ‘Joy E-Connect’, this will help the riders to enhance their overall riding experience.

To reach out to more customers, Joy E-Bike also collaborated with ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ and launched the #BachatOn Move campaign. In celebration of world environmental day, Joy E-Bike set up a plantation drive across its Vadodara manufacturing facility. To support the growing business and demand, the EV maker inaugurated its new Global Headquarters in Vadodara.

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