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Joy e-bike brand sold 1,729 units in August 2022

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

WardWizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd sold a total of 1,729 units in August 2022. Just for reference, the company sold 2,001 electric two-wheelers in August of last year (2021). For the period April-August 2022, the company sold 12,454 electric two-wheelers. Thus, this records a 158 per cent growth over the same period (April-August 2021) of the previous fiscal year, wherein the company sold 4,835 units of electric two-wheelers.

Festive Season To Further Propel Sales

The Indian electric vehicle industry is growing faster than ever. More and more states are coming up with policies to minimize carbon emissions, thus promoting electric mobility. Thus WardWizrd is strengthening its presence with additional touchpoints across the nation. In fact, the company mentioned that it will begin operating our business operations in Nepal as well. 

The festival season has already begun, which is also a major boost for sales. The company is witnessing more inquiries across its dealerships in this period. And therefore, the sales will grow even stronger in the upcoming months. With the increase in the number of EV brands, the competition is getting quite fierce. Thus, Joy E-Bike will prepare itself with more innovative products, thus attracting more potential customers. 

WardWizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd – The Story Till Now

WardWizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd is a leading auto manufacturing company in the Electric Vehicle (EV) segment. The company sells its products under the brand name Joy E-Bike. It is the first listed entity on BSE in Electric Vehicle manufacturing, and the company’s main focus is on the growth potential in the Indian EV segment.

The aim is to provide clean and greener alternatives to the existing usage of mobility, aligned with its philosophy of driving a positive change. Through Joy E-Bikes, the WardWizard has been providing a greener alternative to traditional fuel-driven bikes. The company has footprints in more than 25 major cities across India and with more coming up throughout the country.

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