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iVOOMi Energy launches S1 & Jeet electric scooters in India

Written by Akhil Dalvi

One of India’s rising electric manufacturers iVOOMi Energy has announced the launch of its S1 and Jeet electric scooters. These ‘Made-in-India’ e-scooters feature smart technology along with consumer-centric features that focus on comfort, ease of use, and quick charging. iVOOMi Energy also states that the S1 and Jeet e-scooters also offer an adaptive range prediction based on riding patterns. The company immaculately designed its EVs with a vision to accelerate India’s electric mission and promote green mobility amongst customers.

iVOOMi S1 & Jeet e-scooters: Details

Priced at INR 84,999, the iVOOMi S1 is a high-speed, electric scooter that features a 60V, swappable Li-ion battery. This powers the 2kW electric motor which in turn helps the e-scooter to achieve a top speed of 65 kmph. Along with an overall kerb weight of 75 Kg, the S1 e-scooter also sports a disc brake for extra stopping power. iVOOMi also states that customers can fully charge the iVOOMi S1’s 2kWh battery in 3-4 hours, offering 115 Km of range.

Meanwhile, iVOOMi will also offer the Jeet and Jeet Pro variants, costing INR 82,999 and INR 92,999, respectively. These two-e scooters feature a premium design and an ultra-powerful build, focussing on practicality and trendiness for Indian roads. The Jeet and Jeet Pro will sport 3 colour options- red, blue, and grey along with a 1.5kW-2kW battery pack. Along with 130 Km of claimed range, the e-scooters sport a ground clearance of 170mm and 30-litres of storage. Other features of the e-scooters include Find My Scooter app, Parking Assist, and USB charging for added convenience.

iVOOMi Energy’s Current & Future Plans

Currently, the company designs and manufacturers lithium-ion battery packs in-house and has established R&D centres in Pune. Additionally, iVOOMi has set up manufacturing plants in Noida, Pune, and Ahmednagar to spearhead its vision of offering green mobility. The company is actively trying to move ahead into a new era of providing sustainable mobility solutions throughout India.

This plan also conforms with the Government of India’s vision to implement electrification among all vehicles by the year 2030. The company aims to set a new benchmark in the EV industry via its key proposition of delivering eco-friendly products. iVOOMi has also built up a significant presence in the Asia-Pacific region, across countries like Hong Kong, China, Thailand, and Philippines.

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