Is your car winter ready?

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Maruti Suzuki has announced its tips and tricks with the onset of winters. These will help the customers to get the most out of their cars and at the same time ensure all-around safety of the vehicle during this winter season. Maruti Suzuki has listed down the below mentioned parts and accessories that will enhance the safety and ease of driving.

Vital Parts And Accessories Required To Beat The Harsh Winters

The first and foremost accessory that does enhance safety is a proper set of fog lamps with Extreme vision bulbs. Along with this, perfectly working wiper blades aid in cleaning the windshield, thus improving visibility. Pollution gets worse in the winter season, and hence it is equally important to equip the car with an Ionizer and Cabin air filter. This helps in purifying the air and, at the same time filter out the pollutant particles. A good perfume is a great addition and aids greatly in uplighting the mood.

Given the cold environment, vital parts like clutches, brakes and suspensions require special attention. Maruti Suzuki recommends maintenance at regular intervals to ensure reliable and seamless journeys, especially during these winters.

Maruti Suzuki Vocalizes On The Use Of Genuine Spare Parts & Accessories

With the growing number of vehicles on the road, we are witnessing an influx of 3rd party car accessories players in the market. But, Maruti Suzuki recommends its customers to only use genuine spare parts and accessories. They claim that these spare parts and accessories are made in a way to provide precision and perfection to every Maruti Suzuki model.

Furthermore, the use of these genuine parts also enhances the overall performance and longevity of the car. With the current scenario of rising Covid-19 cases, the carmaker has ensured the full safety of its customers. Maruti Suzuki mentioned that their employees and associates follow strict SOPs across all touchpoints adhering to all social distancing and health guidelines.

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