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In case of death, car & bike transfer becomes easier

Smart card registration to be stopped?
Written by Nizam Shaikh

Parivahan Sewa of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, upon the death of the owner of a vehicle, the transfer of ownership is moved in favour of the legal heirs of the deceased registered owner. The legal heir has to inform the registering authority about the occurrence of death of the registered owner and intention of the use of the vehicle within 30 days but the person may keep the vehicle ‘in possession’ for a period of three months. 

Now the road transport ministry has proposed to amend the CMVR (Central Motor Vehicle Rules) under which the transfer of vehicle will be on the line of banking which requires a family member or any other member as a nominee. This process is likely to be done at the time of registration or the name of the nominee could also be added at a later stage through an online application. This hassle-free system will bring huge relief to family members as it will avoid a lot of paperwork in case of the death of the vehicle owner, especially in the commercial vehicle segment where the permits get cancelled, saving hardships for families dependant on commercial vehicles to make a living. 

The transport ministry has also proposed to make it easier for vehicles mode than 50 years old as Vintage vehicles. Owners of such Vintage Vehicles can get the registration done by paying INR 20,000 for 10 years and the renewal would cost around INR 5,000. Also, it is important that such vehicles should be maintained in the original shape and no modification to the body shell, chassis or engine is made. 

The Vintage vehicles can only be used in a Vintage car rally, technical demonstration, as a display or for refuelling and maintenance. These Vintage vehicles will have a specially designated registration mark with the state code followed by ‘VA’ mark for vintage, a two letter series and registration number allotted by the state authorities. 

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