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Icona Nucleus Driverless Vehicle Concept to be revealed at Auto Expo 2020 in India

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Auto Expo 2020 in India is going to witness multiple new car brands stepping in our market. The Icona Design Group will take this opportunity to reveal their Nucleus car concept which will be a driverless vehicle and hint at the future of personal mobility. With level 5 autonomous driving, the Nucleus will be extremely futuristic for India, but for sure will stay as a concept as our roads are clearly not worth of this technology. The coolest bit would be that the Nucleus will have no steering wheel and conventional dashboard, so it will offer a new on-the-go living space for commuters.

The Nucleus has been worked upon by more than 90 designers and creative contribution coming in from over 21 nationalities and developed in locations like Turin, Shanghai & Los Angeles.

The Icona Nucleus will have a 600 HP power output and will have an electric AWD setup. The would be 4 Elaphe L1500 in-wheel 110 kW motors to move the car with 6 coil battery weighing 300 kg from Bollore Blue Solutions. The Nucleus will have a 5.3 kg hydrogen range extended with a capacity at 700 PSI. Icona claims a 0-100 kmph sprint time of 3.5 seconds and a combined driving range of 1200 km with a super smooth drag coefficient of 0.22 Cx.

The Icona Nucleus measures 5259mm in length, 2115mm in width, 1742mm in height, 3310mm in wheelbase and 2050 kg in weight. The Icona will have luxury seating for 3 passengers and a maximum capacity of 6 passengers with walk-in access. Icona claims that the design inspiration for the Nucleus has come from the Concorde airplane and luxury yachts. The design concept looks rather unique with a full glass top section allowing for a bright and airy cabin, but this could remain a concept as you need more structural strength on the roof in times of a roll-over. For size and scale, the Icona Nucleus measures more than the Tesla Model X.