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Hyundai with Shell to expand EV-Charging Infrastructure in India

Written by Tanisha Arora

Hyundai plans on developing EV-Charging Infrastructure in India. The main objective is to expand the charging infrastructure for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), for faster adoption of EVs in India. Hyundai has made an agreement with Shell India Markets Private Limited to install 60 kW DC Fast chargers across 36 EV dealerships in India. Customers benefit from an EV fast charging infrastructure through which a cleaner and greener future can be achieved. The adoption of environment friendly Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) can hence be promoted and customer convenience can be enhanced. The national goal of carbon neutrality can be achieved if customers switch to electric vehicles sooner.

With this change, Hyundai’s EV ecosystem in India can be further expanded and BEV customers can look forward to a faster turn around if they need a quick charger in the middle of their drive. These charging stations will be available to Hyundai car owners as well as others, regardless of the car brand they own. This would overall increase the EV appeal in our market.

Hyundai works on expanding its network

HMIL currently has 72 EV dealerships in 45 cities. This was done under Phase-1 for EV charging facilities across dealerships of HMIL. Phase-2 will be carried out now. 36 dealerships will be installed with either 60 kW fast charger or a 120 kW fast charger for customer convenience. 120 kW fast charging stations also might be considered instead of the 60 kW chargers, if feasible.

Customers who resort to the charging facility at the EV dealerships of HMIL will be enabled with a proposition of safe, hassle free, fast & reliable charging solution along with 24×7 customer support. Hyundai has also built their own Charger Management Systems (CMS) which allows EV customers to use this charging experience seamlessly. These new Shell chargers on Shell network would also be seen on the Hyundai CMS and other 3rd party charging points would also be displayed. Via this CMS, customers can navigate to the charger & pay digitally.

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