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Hyundai will introduce fingerprint sensor to start & unlock cars

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Well, move over engine start / stop button and the rubber request sensors. Hyundai is all set to take a step ahead in automotive technology offered to consumers. Hyundai has recently showcased that they are ready to introduce smart fingerprint technology for their vehicles.

Similar to the fingerprint unlock we see as a feature on smartphones, Hyundai can use this to unlock / lock their cars, and even turn the engine on. Hyundai is planning to introduce this tech feature for the masses with the 2019 Santa Fe SUV. While keyless entry had become quite a thing in top trims of cars worldwide, this fingerprint sensor takes it one step above, and probably, makes it secure as well.

Place your finger on the sensors on the door to unlock it, and similarly inside on the dashboard to start the engine. This will also automatically remember and set the seating position & ORVM position for the driver. In the future, depending on the fingerprint, climate control settings and also the steering wheel position could be remembered, and set when the driver unlocks the vehicle.

Would you like to have this on a car which you would own in the future?