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Honda’s Road Safety Awareness Campaign in Haryana

Written by Nayak

To re-emphasizing the need for road safety awareness among the people, HMSI is taking major steps. In an attempt to build a collision-free India, HMSI’s National Road Safety Awareness Campaign reached Kurukshetra in Haryana.

Details Of The National Road Safety Awareness Campaign

It was a three-day camp, with dates from 14th to 16 November 2022. This event took place at the B.R. International Public School. Honda mentioned that the safety program witnessed spirited participation from over 2,000 school personnel. This included both students and staff members. HMSI’s road safety instructors also made use of age-appropriate road safety learning programs. This was so as to enhance the retention of road safety awareness among all. Children of today are the road safety ambassadors for the future. Thus, the right knowledge of road safety at this age will develop their mind. As a part of this National Road Safety Campaign, Honda intends to create road safety awareness across the country.

Key Highlights Of The Event

HMSI utilized specially trained road safety instructors to educate 5 to 10 years old. The topics included the do’s and don’ts while commuting in a school bus and cycling. The 11 – 12 years olds got to learn how to ride their bicycle safely. They were also taught about their duties as a pillion on a two-wheeler and the importance of safety gear on roads. To make this learning more practical and fun, kids got hands-on experience on the specially imported CRF50 motorcycle.

This safety program also included theory sessions on road rules and regulations, road signs and markings, driver’s duties on the road, riding gear and posture explanation, and safe riding etiquette. Current DL holders from the school staff tested and honed their learnings through theoretical as well as practical training on a two-wheeler. To ensure maximum participation of the young students, HMSI also conducted fun educational activities like road safety games and quizzes on a daily basis.

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