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Honda working on an airbag mounted on fuel tank?

Written by News Team

In a significant development in the field of motorcycle safety, Honda has patented a new airbag system. This innovative system is mounted on the rear section of the fuel tank, a departure from the existing system on Honda’s touring motorcycle, the Goldwing Tour.

Current System

The Goldwing’s airbag deployment action is akin to those in cars, protecting the rider from the front. However, this design can only be used on large motorcycles with a bulky front end. Honda’s newly patented system, on the other hand, can be fitted on more conventional naked motorcycles.

Honda New Airbag Design

The patented airbag system is accompanied by sensors that, in the event of a crash, will send a signal to the airbag system about deployment. The uniqueness of this system lies in the airbag’s deployment pattern. It will spread out in a ‘W’ shape, with the central portion sitting against the rider’s chest and the outer two limbs extending under the rider’s arms till the back. The end result should resemble a life jacket.


Another distinctive aspect of this airbag is that it will detach from the motorcycle, seal itself to remain inflated, and continue to be wrapped around the rider. This feature is designed to protect the rider even if they are thrown off the bike2. The entire action will occur in a fraction of a second.

Honda’s patent filings related to motorcycle and car safety systems are in line with its vision to completely eliminate fatalities involving its vehicles by 2050. Given the fact that Honda has already filed multiple patents related to the aforementioned airbag system, it won’t be long before it makes it to production.