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Honda patents two-wheeler crash detection system

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Honda has filed a patent for a crash detection system on a two wheeler. The aim of this safety system is to take a call if emergency services need to be called or not in the event of an accident. Many times, riders are 100% safe, yet their machines could be on the ground for a variety of reasons. Honda’s system will be able to distinguish between different scenarios.

Honda’s two wheeler crash detection system

Honda makes use of the bike’s IMU along with a sensor array and the rider’s smartphone. Using these, the system can detect if a crash has taken place. Further, apart from the data from the aforementioned sources, Honda also gathers data from the rider’s Bluetooth headset if they are using one. Based on this, the system will take a call if any help is required or not.

Considering an example, the system will be able to determine if the rider has dropped their bike when turning about at the ride location rather than being involved in an accident. In case of the former, the system will not call for help as the rider will face only a bruised ego due to the dropped bike and no physical injury as such.

Detection of motion-less rider

One more feature of this system is that it can determine if the rider is lying motionless. Using accelerometers in the bike along with the rider’s helmet mounted Bluetooth headset, the Honda’s system can detect if the rider is lying on the ground. That said, if the rider is found cursing inside his helmet, the system will not call the emergency services.

That said, there is still a lot of potential to make riders more safe on a motorcycle. This system would need to be used on production version bikes to determine its efficacy.

This system is definitely a good move, but getting accurate data is the key. What if the rider is not using a Bluetooth headset? Can the system still make an accurate call?

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