Honda launches Ultra Body Coating in India, Silane layer protection

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Honda has introduced a new Ultra Body Coating in India using Silane Layer Protection. The Ultra Body Coating not only provides a protective layer for the paint but also enhances its finish. Honda has announced that the new Ultra Body Coating with Silane layer protection will be available at all Honda dealerships in India.

What is Ultra Body Coating?

The Ultra Body Coating is a high-performance protective layer formulated using Silane. Silane is a new-generation material and claims to be the hardest glass-based coating by Industry standard with a 9H rating. The transparent coating forms an ultra-glossy, glass-based, super smooth surface on the vehicle.

The Ultra Body Coating not only helps retain the glossiness of the vehicle but also helps protect from further damage. In addition to this, the Ultra Body Coating also protects the car from dust, pollutants and paint fading UV Rays from the Sun. Furthermore, the paint protection system also has anti-fouling effects against acid rains.

What is the Price of Ultra Body Coating?

Honda’s Ultra Body Coating comes in a single kit, one kit per car and one kit is equivalent to one coat. The Ultra Body Coating prices start at INR 28,900/-. The premium coating comes with a three-year comprehensive warranty. Furthermore, Honda also offers complimentary maintenance and service benefits every six months, during the warranty period. Thanks to these routine services, one is able to maintain the shine and gloss of the vehicle.

Thanks to the Ultra Body Coating, which helps maintain the shine and gloss, the vehicle’s resale value may become higher. In addition to this, there is no requirement of wax polish from time to time as it is easy to wash and maintain. The reflective effect also give the car the shine close to to the time of the delivery of the vehicle.

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