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Honda recalls 65,651 cars in India for a potential fuel pump issue

Written by Nizam Shaikh

As part of the 1.4 million Honda cars recalled for a faulty fuel pump issue, Honda Cars India Limited (HCIL) has populated the list of vehicles being recalled in the Indian market. Honda has announced that the brand will be replacing Fuel Pump units in 65,651 Honda vehicle as part of their recall in India. The replacement will be carried out in a phased manner starting from 20th June 2020, free of cost to the customer by Honda dealerships in India and individual customers will be contacted individually. 

According to HCIL, 32,498 units of 2018 Honda Amaze, 16,434 units of the 2018 Honda City, 7,500 units of 2018 Honda Jazz, 7,057 units of the 2018 WR-V, 1,622 units of the 2018 BR-V, 360 units of 2018 Honda Brio and 180 units of the Honda CR-V are said to be affected by faulty fuel pumps. 

The first reports of the components failing were reported from the Indian market itself between February and May 2019, after which Honda launched an investigation to look into the matter. The fault was found in low-density materials used on the impellers made by the Japanese vendor ‘Denso’. The impellers made of the new material were susceptible to production solvent drying and formed cracks within the surface which then absorbed excess fuel causing them to swell. The deformed impeller blades caused interference with the pump body leading the pump to become inoperative. The fuel pump failure may also be indicated by the illumination of the check engine light on the instrumentation. 

Sudden failing of the part may cause the engine to stall unexpectedly risking a crash. It is also important to note that no crash or injuries have been reported due to the part failure as of now. 

The brand has also announced that due to the COVID-19 pandemic the dealerships in India have been working on a lower than usual capacity with limited staff as per guideline issued by relevant authorities, and customers are advised to visit the dealership with prior appointments to avoid delays.

Customers can also check if their cars are covered under the recall campaign by entering their 17 characters alpha-numeric Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the brand’s dedicated microsite.

In related news, we also reported that Honda recalled close to 1.4 million vehicles worldwide for a potential fuel pump issue and the brand has recalled 136,057 potential units of the Honda Accord, Honda Civic 2018-19, Honda Fit 2019, Honda HR-V 2018-19, Honda Insight 2019-20, Acura NSX 2018-19, Acura RDX, RLX, RLX Hybrid 2019, in the United States.