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Hero Electric reveals Eddy short distance e-scooter, priced at INR 72,000

Hero Electric which boasts to be India’s No.1 electric two-wheeler company, has announced the launch of the new Eddy short distance electric scooter. The new electric scooter will strengthen the brand’s position in the electric vehicle market in India. The brand claims that the short distance e-scooter Eddy is an ultra-stylish, easy to manoeuvre bike offering a perfect balance between technology and convenience. Hero Electric targets customers who need to travel short distances, such as next-door coffee shops, golf courses and gymnasiums. 

Hero Electric has announced that the Eddy e-scooter will come with a price tag of INR 72,000 ex-showroom. The brand is yet to announce the technical specifications of the Eddy e-scooter.

Hero Electric – Eddy e-Scooter Features

Hero Electric has revealed that the new Eddy electric scooter

will come with modern and advanced features. These include Find My Bike, E-Lock, Large Boot Space, Follow Me Headlamps, and Reverse Mode. Thanks to the features, Eddy will be able to provide a smoother, cleaner along with the latest convenience. Hero Electric also reveals that the Eddy e-scooter will come with two colour options Yellow and Light Blue. The scooter also does not require any registration or driving licence, therefore it is also suitable for students. The ease of use of the short distance scooter also means that senior citizens can also just the Eddy for the everyday commute.

Hero Electric – Eddy e-Scooter Environment Friendliness

The Hero Electric Eddy e-scooter has been designed keeping in mind the user’s conscious efforts to contribute towards a carbon-free future. The Eddy will help citizens shift to a cleaner, greener mode of transport, especially for shorter distances to cafes, daily errands and leisure rides. Eddy allows the riders to significantly cut down on the carbon footprint. Thanks to Eddy, Hero Electric continues to strengthen the entire ecosystem and also meet varied rider demand.

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