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GoZero Skellig Pro E-Bike Review

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Performance e-bike manufacturer, GoZero forayed into the Indian market in 2019 by establishing its local operations in Kolkata. GoZero has its global headquarters and R&D unit in Birmingham. The brand also launched three e-bikes in the Indian market – Skellig Lite, Skellig and Skellig Pro. The Skellig lite is priced at INR 19,999, and the mid-spec Skellig comes with a price tag of INR 32,499. We tested the GoZero Skellig Pro, the top-spec model, which comes with a price tag of INR 39,999. The e-bike is available from offline and online stores on various e-commerce platforms.

Why Should You Buy an e-Bike?

Given the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the rising fuel cost, the Skellig Pro offers ease of personal mobility at nearly zero costs in fuel. In addition to this, riding an e-bike also helps the environment as the bicycle does not emit any tailpipe emissions. The e-bike offers the ease of use of a battery-powered scooter and the pedals with gears to eliminate the range anxiety completely. The Skellig Pro e-bike also comes with a removable and portable lightweight battery that can be charged at home or office. Furthermore, the users of the e-bike are also safe from the coronavirus as riding a bike to work leads to automatic social distancing.

GoZero Skellig Pro – Technical Specifications

The GoZero Skellig Pro comes with a 250W electric motor that is capable of propelling the e-bike to a top speed of 25kmph. The Skellig Pro also features a 400wh (Panasonic) battery capable of providing a range of 70 km on a single charge. The battery takes just 3 hours to recharge and is easily removable from the frame. The electric bicycle also comes with a 7-speed microSHIFT groupset, a Composite Steel frame, Dual Disc Brakes, and telescopic shock absorber on the front with 100mm of travel. The bike also features a grip throttle, LCD display, 5-Level Pedal Assist, Throttle Cruise and Walk (6 kmph) modes.

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