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Google will recommend the right EV for you based on location history

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Google has revealed a slew of updates. One of these pertains to electric vehicles. According to a media report, this new update will allow new car buyers to find a suitable electric vehicle for them.

How will Google recommend you an EV?

It is said that the new tool considers multiple data points including range, tax rebate and more. This should allow customers to be more aware and make a much better informed decision when buying an electric vehicle.

Based on the user’s inputs the tool will pop up. It will offer price comparisons, battery range and model names amongst others. The user will also get information with regards to federal and state tax incentives.

Prospective buyers will also get to know the charges for charging a particular electric vehicle and compare it with the equivalent ICE model for running costs and fuel expenses as well.

This particular Google’s tool will also check the user’s location history and come up with range estimates based on the particular driving route / pattern. Thus, the user will come to know how much battery will be left at the end of every trip. It will also show if any charging stops would need to be taken as well before reaching the destination.

Kia EV5 : More Details

Recently, Kia revealed the EV5 in a production ready guise. Alongside, the Korean carmaker also showcased EV3 and EV4 Concept vehicles as part of the first Global EV Day event in Korea. Now, more details about the all-electric EV5 have been revealed.

Kia is planning to offer the EV5 in three options – standard, long range and long range with AWD. The entry-level version will get an electric motor rated at 215 BHP and a 64 kWh battery. The company claims a 530 km of range on full charge (CLTC cycle).

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