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Google Pixel smartphones can function as dashcams in a car

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Google is making some technological upgrades. The one which we will talk about today is the Pixel phone acting as a dashcam.

What Is Google Upto With The Dashcam Feature?

As we understand, Google is currently working on a built-in dashcam recording feature for some Android phones. This could run in the background for up to 24 hours, thus making it a great dashcam device. We do have some screenshots of the application. This is an update to the Personal Safety app for Android phones with the aforementioned option. We believe this appeared as a part of an internal test that was accidentally uploaded to Google Play.

The app apparently makes use of compressed video to save space. In fact, it also lets you turn your screen off or switch over to another app. As it continues to record in the background. We can also set up triggers, like connecting to a specific Bluetooth device, to initiate the recording automatically as soon as we start our car. In addition to this, we can also configure it not to record audio. We believe the recordings will be automatically deleted after three days. And again this is configurable and we can save specific videos to prevent this. Meanwhile, the recording will automatically stop at 24 hours.

Google Dashcam – The Best In The Market?

As of now, dashcam apps are nothing new, as we find a lot of them on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. But, there are a lot of issues with the same. Like the recording, hours of high-resolution video quickly eat up the storage. Then there’s the problem of the phone heating up if the camera is open long enough. Thus with a tech giant like Google working on it. We believe it will try to mitigate the above issues. And thus, we will wait and see how this turns out.

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