Ghost prank gone horribly wrong; driver knocks down prankster

Ghost prank gone horribly wrong; driver knocks down prankster
Written by Paarth Powale

Two pranksters in Bhopal scare motorists by draping themselves with white sheets and jumping in front of cars; all this for a prank video and to gain subscribers for their YouTube channel ‘papacrazy’.

One such prank goes horribly wrong while scaring a Fiat Punto driver. Draped in white the ‘ghost’ jumps in front of the car. The driver scared; frantically reverses the car where another ‘ghost’ jumps out from behind, blocking the car. By this moment we believe the driver is petrified and his instincts tell him to gun the car forward. The driver panics and accelerates hard, where the ghost number one jumps in front of the car to do a spookier move. But this time the driver doesn’t stop, knocking the prankster down to escape the situation.

Well we think it serves them right. Fortunately the prankster survives with a couple of bruises and busted knee. The prankster says the driver stopped the car a few yards away and returned to see if it really was the ghost. The pranksters confronted him. The scared and angry driver calmed down soon enough and showed some sympathy to the injured prankster. In fact he dropped them home and is even a subscriber to their YouTube channel.

The prank would have cost him life. He’s learnt a lesson he’d never forget.