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Ford will use BSVI petrol engines built by Mahindra in India

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Mahindra has today announced that as per their strategic alliance with Ford, they will be supplying the American car manufacturer will gasoline engines which will be BSVI emission norms compliant. Both parties will also be sharing connect car solutions. This alliance was first announced in September 2017.

Mahindra will be developing a low-displacement gasoline engine for Ford India and this will be used in Ford cars starting from 2020. Obviously, these engines will have similar derivatives used in Mahindra cars as well. These engines will be BSVI compliant. Mahindra and Ford will also jointly develop a telematics control device which will be a connected car solution for Mahindra and Ford customers.

Apart from this, Mahindra and Ford will also make best use of either parties expertise in the compact-SUV and electric vehicle segment. With this, both companies will be able to reduce the R&D funds spent on one particular car or feature.

We’re yet to see how this story unfolds, what cars are jointly developed and how they perform.