A very fast Nissan GT-R breaking the world’s fastest drift record!

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

A standard Nissan GT-R is an all-wheel drive car that produces around a good 554 BHP and 632 NM of torque, but this, was not enough to break the world’s fastest drift record or shall we say ex-fastest drift record.

A heavily tuned GT-R by Nissan NISMO branch and Greddy Racing was readied to be driven by Mr. Masato Kawabata, Japanese drift champion and title holder for the Japanese drifting series. With a whopping 1,380 BHP, and all of them on the rear wheel, led Mr. Masato to successfully complete a 304.96 Km/h drift with a whopping 30-degree angle.

This massive drift broke the previous record, set by Polish drift champion Jakub Przygonski, which was at 217 km/h drift.

The event of this world record break too place at the 3 km long straight of the Fujairah International Airport which helped the car to remain stable and driver being confident for this world record setup.

Nissan is bringing the GT-R to Indian roads by September and car will be brought down as a CBU.