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Exclusive: Benelli rebranding BN range as TNT in India

Exclusive: Benelli rebranding BN range as TNT in India
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Benelli has announced that it will rebrand all the motorcycles under the BN category to TNT when launched in India.

So bikes such as the BN 251, BN 302 and BN 600i all will be renamed as TNT 251, TNT 302 and TNT 600i. The company is doing so to bring down the explosive halo of the higher capacity and more powerful TNT range of bikes down to the BN range.

But does this make sense? TNT stands for ‘Tornado Naked Tre’. Here Tre justifies the brand name to the motorcycles since they are powered by a three-cylinder engine. But the BN 251 is a single-cylinder motorcycle, the BN 302 is a twin-cylinder motorcycle and the BN 600i is a four-cylinder motorcycle. So technically speaking, the new brand name does not do enough justice.

However, it is more about creating an aura around a product during launch, and the brand TNT has it better than BN.

Hence, don’t be confused if you’ll read reports calling the bikes as TNT instead of BN.