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Exclusive: Benelli looking at India-specific components

Exclusive: Benelli looking at India-specific components
Written by Parichay Malvankar

DSK will launch the Benelli range of motorcycles in India in a couple of weeks. The Italian motorcycle brand will enter India via the CKD route and is targeting competitive pricing to fight with the established players such as Kawasaki, Triumph, Harley-Davidson etc.

While CKD assembly will provide a significant cost advantage to price the Benelli motorcycles at par with the competition, certain parts would turn out to be rather expensive. For example, the Marzzochi upside-down front fork, Bremo brake setup etc. For this, Benelli is considering India-specific parts which will be relatively cheaper and bring down the overall cost.

DSK Benelli has already started this with the BN 600i (TNT 600i). The bike gets upside-down front suspension and disc brake setup both developed by Benelli and dumps the bigger names such as Marzzochi and Brembo to achieve a cost benefit. The newer components are expected to deliver better comfort and safety considering they are being developed keeping the Indian market in mind.

Benelli will look at adding more such India specific parts on other models as well, which will keep a check on the pricing.