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Ducati introduces Monster 30 Anniversario limited edition in India

Ducati has introduced the new Monster 30 Anniversario limited edition model in the Indian market. The new Monster 30 Anniversario will be available only in a limited production run of 500 units worldwide. However, the brand has not revealed how many units will be allocated to India. However, we speculate that the number is not going to be high for India, making the Monster 30 Anniversario a collector’s item. The Ducati Monster 30 Anniversario is now available to order at Ducati showrooms in India and is expected to be sold out soon.

Ducati Monster 30 Anniversario – Colour Theme

The Ducati Monster 30 Anniversario comes with a commemorative paint theme along with high quality details and sophisticated technical package. The collector’s edition features a personalised plaque bearing the serial number of the limited motorcycle. The bike also gets a tricolour livery along with gold finished forged aluminum wheels and gold finish on the Ohlins suspension. The livery is also further accentuated by the type-approved Termignoni silencer in matte black and carbon fibre finish, the embroidered seat, and the carbon fibre mudguards.

Ducati Monster 30 Anniversario – Special Features

The Anniversary edition Monster also features an adjustable Ohlins steering damper which features a control unit that allows the braking to be adapted to different riding conditions. This not only helps improve the precision in cornering and acceleration but also stabilises the steering on connected backgrounds. In addition to this, the Monster 30 Anniversario also comes with electronic features such as Cornering ABS, Ducati Traction Control, Ducati Wheelie Control and Sport, Road & Wet Riding Modes. The Monster 30 Anniversario also gets Launch Control for lightning fast starts.

Ducati Monster 30 Anniversario – Diet Plan

The Monster 30 Anniversario has also lost around 4 kgs of weights. This is thanks to the Ohlins front fork which is 0.6 kg lighter than that of the Monster and Monster +. The forged wheels also reduce the weight by 1.86 kg and the lithium-ion battery contributes to a total weight saving of around 2 kgs. In addition to this, an aluminium flange on the front discs saves around 0.5 kg compared to those equipped on the standard Monster. Furthermore, various parts such as the front and rear mudguards are made from carbon fibre saving more weight and also improving the aesthetics of the motorcycle.

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