DROOL over these supersport icons from 1990s

Written by Nizam Shaikh

The 1990s is arguably the most iconic period for motorcycles in the world. Designs meant there were no limits to visualisations creating one of the most beautiful machines. But, some machines were too quirky, or rather too futuristic for the time. However, a few icons have left a worthy impression in our hearts and here is a list of these machines that ticked every biker’s heart in the ’90s.

Yamaha TDM 850

In 1991, Yamaha introduced the TDM 850 which was derived from the famous Tenere. The TDM featured a quirky design for the early ’90s which would pass off as a classic in today’s date. This is the only reason the TDM is on our list. However, it is not just the looks but the TDM 850 also comes with a comfortable seat and an ergonomically rich design. The TDM 850 comes with an upright stance and a firing that protects the rider from wind blasts. The Yamaha TDM 850 makes only 77 Hp from the engine which was quite powerful for the time.

Yamaha YZF 750

In 1993, Yamaha introduces the YZF 750 a 3/4-litre motorcycle that took supersport riding to another level. While Yamaha offered the classic three-tone paint theme, the motorcycle also came with the iconic Deltabox chassis and EXUP (exhaust power valve system). The 120 hp engine was so fast, Yamaha employed six-pot callipers for stopping power. Special editions of the motorcycle also came with adjustable swingarm pivot, Ohlins suspension and flatslide carburettors.

Bimota DB3 Mantra

In 1994, Italian manufacturer Bimota introduced the DB3 Mantra. The DB3 Mantra featured a design that would polarize bike enthusiasts around the world. The Mantra featured a pouting look on the front, a double flyscreen, exposed chassis and a floating tail section. The bike also came with power cruiser-like ergonomics and a hefty price tag which was upwards of GPB 13,000.

Aprilia RS250

The mid-’90s also saw the RS250 from another Italian manufacturer Aprilia. While the 750cc market was flooded with motorcycles from Yamaha and Honda, one of the most beautiful designs was in the form of the quarter-litre Aprilia RS250. The motorcycle came with an aerodynamic fairing and a two-stroke v-twin engine. The motorcycle also came with a polished chassis and swingarm as well as high-specification suspension and brakes.

Suzuki GSF600N Bandit

The Suzuki GSF600N Bandit made its debut in 1996 with the desirable naked styling. The motorcycle featured a chrome-accented headlamp, instruments and engine covers. The Bandit also came with a single-seat and featured a high-tail low nose design language. The GSF600N Bandit featured an in-line four-cylinder engine that had the versatility of a commuter motorcycle and weekend roadster at just under GBP 4,000.


Honda VTR1000 Firestorm

In 1997, Honda introduced the road sports motorcycle in the form of the VTR1000. The VT in the moniker meant that the motorcycle had a V-Twin engine. The evolution of the VTR1000, known as the VTR1000 SP1 went on to win the World Superbike Championship. But we are not including the highly advanced motorcycle in the list as the bike was introduced in the 2000′.

Aprilia RSV Mille

Italian bike manufacturer Aprilia introduced the RSV Mille in the year 1998. After the RS250 the RSV Mille is known to be one of the most ambitious projects of the company but still, it was not able to compete with the Italian rival Ducati. The Mille had the 60-degree V-Twin engine from Rotax that produced 128 Hp of power. However, the sharp design on the RSV Mille, in our opinion can only be rivalled by our final bike on the list.

Ducati 996

Ducati introduced the 996 in 1999 and was derived from the iconic 916. The motorcycle featured a 90-degree V-Twin engine with a Desmodromic four-valve distribution system. The engine produces 112 Hp of power and came with a high-specification suspension from Ohlins. The bike also featured Titanium and carbon fibre parts to keep the weight low. The iconic 996 still remains much-loved among the biking community.

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