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Cyborg Yoda electric cruiser with swappable battery revealed

Written by Akhil Dalvi

One of India’s emerging EV startups, Ignitron Motocorp Pvt. Ltd., has revealed its CYBORG range of premium electric motorcycles. Specialized in building customized vehicles and sound engineering, the company has built a made-in-India electric cruiser with a swappable battery. According to the company, the CYBORG range of e-bikes is the perfect fusion between a man and a machine. By unveiling the CYBORG range of e-bikes, the company aims to redefine electric mobility in India and promote environmental awareness.

CYBORG electric cruiser: Details 

The CYBORG range of e-bikes from Ignitron Motorcorp will comprise three variants ranging from mid to high-speed categories. The electric cruiser Yoda will act as the company’s flagship, catering to Indian biking enthusiasts and customers alike. According to Ignitron, the Cyborg Yoda can tackle the most challenging and most extreme Indian terrain with a strong design focus.

Along with being India’s first electric cruiser with a swappable battery, the e-bike aims to target long-range riding automotive enthusiasts. Ignitron Motocorp has stated that it has already started manufacturing and assembling the e-bikes at its Manesar Plant, Gurgaon. During its initial phase, the company aims to produce 40,000 units of its e-bikes in the financial year 2022-23.

Ignitron Motocorp: Current and Future Plans 

With a strong focus on making the safest e-bikes for India, the company is trying to explore brand-new methods. Along with improving battery technology and manufacturing processes, the company plans to expand its electric two-wheeler portfolio in India. Accompanying the Cyborg Yoda will be two more e-bikes that will cater to the needs of mass-market Indian buyers. Ignitron promises to offer a good range, a powerful motor, and affordable pricing with its e-bikes with plans of expansion.

Ignitron has stated that it will implement a robust sales and service network across northern, southern, and western Indian regions. It has also partnered with super distributors and service centres to offer SOS (roadside assistance) and battery swapping stations. According to Ignitron, riders will get access to CYBORG Stations every 1 Km, where they can swap batteries. CYBORG customers can also use home charging sockets that offer 50% fast charging within 30 minutes and use online payments.

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